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Simple sealing elements or complex sealing systems.

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Microtem is specialized in the design and manufacture of mechanical seals that provide high-quality components and can be applied in various sectors.

Hydrotab is an innovative patented trim system designed for maximized efficiency and optimization of boat control and characterized by absolute simplicity and robustness.

Doen Waterjets is the leading designer and manufacturer of waterjet propulsion systems focused on offering best of class waterjet products that excel in the harsh operating conditions of the commercial and military marine markets.

Rota Benelux

Our wide range of seals includes simple sealing elements as well as complex sealing systems for sophisticated applications. Our core competence is the selection, arrangements (mechanical seals, rotary joints or radial lip seal systems) adapted to the specific customer requirement as a single piece or for a series production.

We are dedicated to the Benelux market and strive to serve you at our best!  Our mission is to provide service, quality and value.

Serving a wide variety of industries

  • Petrochemical industry
  • Process technology
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Pharmacy industry
  • Marine industry
Rota Benelux is your local source for seals.

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